Yulgilbar Station

‘Of Time’.

In the heart of Western NSW, cradled by the gentle currents of the Clarence River, stands the modest yet richly storied Yulgilbar Station. This humble piece of Australia's history serves as the canvas for the heartwarming advertising film "Yulgilbar Station: Of Time", envisioned by the director M.P. Dole and crafted to life by the dedicated team at Daughter Collective Production Company. This tender narrative invites viewers to traverse the quiet yet profound journey from 1840 to the present, illustrating the harmonious relationship between people and the nurturing embrace of nature that has quietly guided the station through the journey of time.

Within the gentle pace of the film, each frame whispers tales of a land that has cradled one of Australia's oldest Santa Gertrudis stud farms. The story unfolds with a quiet grace, depicting a humble beginning that blossomed into a place of quiet excellence, where dedication to nurturing the Santa Gertrudis herd meets respect for global influences and traditions. It's a story spun from threads of devotion, simple pleasures, and a steadfast commitment to embracing the rhythms of nature with open hearts.

The narrative tenderly explores the manifold facets of time, capturing fleeting moments of existence, reflection, and unity, urging viewers to pause and immerse themselves in the simple yet profound cycles that mark life at Yulgilbar. Here, time unfolds not in hours or minutes, but in the precious moments shared, the bonds nurtured, and the silent nods to the custodians who have tenderly cared for the land before.

With a gentle hand, director M.P. Dole guides viewers through this unassuming yet rich tapestry, crafting a visual poem that invites one to delve into the collective wisdom and humble offerings nurtured by generations at the station. A poignant reminder that amidst the frenzy of modern life, there exists a sanctuary where time slows, allowing space for reflection, connection, and an embrace of a legacy woven with simplicity, respect, and a deep affection for the land.

"Yulgilbar Station: Of Time" it's a gentle invitation to journey through time in its most humble form, fostering an intimate understanding and appreciation for a legacy that stands with quiet dignity, embodying the gentle cadence of life in harmony with nature's ebb and flow.

• • •

Film Director: Michael Dole
Executive Producer: Annika Johansson & Michael Dole

Client: Yulgilbar Pastoral Company