Tiger Beer


Born from the uncovered belief that ‘everyone has a Tiger inside’. We created a programs of work where Tiger inspires courage and fights doubt by championing an army of real creative people doing amazing, unconventional things. Aligning & unlocking the shared values of our audience & the brand.

We champion those who are unknown. Those with the potential to change the world. An unseen generation with a tiger inside. You might not know them yet. But you will. ‘Uncage’. Tiger beer.

As part of the program we created 'The Uncaged Nights,' to empowering our audience to realise their potential & uncage their tiger within.

Where the audience could take centre stage and cast aside their doubt, ‘Uncage’ their tiger within and realise their potential by performing their artistic craft at their local venue, against other artists in their community. This activity was roled out globally, across 5 continents.

Events where themed as open mic nights, freestyle rap nights, beat box nights, street food cook off.

Through social platforms we provided consumers with a digital map where they can find different performance/experience nights within their neighbourhood.
After the events content of the performances could be uploaded for further online engagement.

Example of one of ‘The Uncaged Nights’ in San Francisco.

In low socio economic areas we recruited local ‘uncage’ talent to design art installations to uplift the neighbourhood.

The result being ‘the uncaged’ are identified champions in their local areas. Tiger Beer & ‘the uncaged’ are physically transforming the streets they come from. After all Tiger Beer was ‘born from the streets’.

For the US program, Tiger Beer will partner with Hypebeast, the leading global authority on culture, in a search to discover creatives taking the music industry to the next level. Hypebeast hosted the contestant submissions, directing chosen finalists to perform on stage in one of three 'Uncaged Nights' events. Finalists chosen from each of those three performances faced-off for a chance to be featured at The Uncaged LIVE – an event bringing together and showcasing a clash of creative talent from all corners of the world at the famed Benedetto Marcello Conservatory of Music in Venice, Italy.

"Tiger Beer believes in the power of the arts, and the ability for it to create positive change in local communities, and ultimately, the world," said Amy Tay, Brand Director, Tiger Beer. "Through this program, it's our hope that we can uncage the next generation of creatives that are not only musically gifted, but looking to harness that talent for the greater good."

In addition to Hypebeast, Tiger Beer will collaborate with several other organizations to bring this program to life, including Imprint City, a local Bay Area non-profit cultivating art to vitalize the community, and 88rising, an Asian-American global music platform founded by Sean Miyashiro. The talent selected to compete, and ultimately chosen as winners, decided virtually by a judging panel consisting of Imprint City, Hypebeast and 88rising.