Taco Medic

‘It’s within’.

People, palate, place & planet are the centre.
Their make up, passion and cause.
Bringing soul back to fast food.

This belief is within us all.
We believe ‘it’s within’.

Bringing the best influences from Mexico, and fuse with the unique New Zealand spirit. An empowering belief that we have brought
the best produce, grown on the best landscape, cared for by the best
people to be brought in-store and embodied within every one of the dishes & within our unique experience in all our Taco Medic stores.

In this filmic approach we show that all these origins are connected through a multi-sensorial film, using scale & compositions to embody this connection.

A demonstration of all that is within our cause. The film is sensual, tactile, grand, intimate, inspiring, empowering & finally appetising. Aligning humanity and environment to be connected as one.
Fused with the elemental quality of earth, wind, fire & water.

Shot in the beautiful west coast of South Island in New Zealand.

Each scene is almost a response to the next. Response to the sense, response to the environment, response to humanity, response from the start to end.

Capturing all is connected & within.

Director: Michael Dole