SetMo feat. Camp 8

‘Something to dream of’.

Director: Michael Dole
Executive Producer: Annika Johansson Creative & Production Company: Daughter Collective
Artist: SetMo
Label: Awal

In our filmic approach to music video ‘Something to dream of’ we explore the
themes of attachment, loss and preservation, through the visual narrative of intimate relationships.

In subconscious moments we see our talent almost projected into their own self, lost within the reality
they have found themselves in. Moving away from a world of obsession and distraction. Entwined in strings, a comment of what needs to be unravelled following the attachment of another. With actions of pulling herself out of attachment, she grabs her luggage and throws out their contents, a depiction of letting go’ of the baggage that has stopped her growth as a person during the addiction of another and their relationship. We see her covered in plastic, as if preserving or protecting herself, in her surreal existence. They move forward together, leaving the attachment of the past behind, in an action of euphoria, to let go & release oneself.