‘All I Need’.

Director: Michael Dole
Executive Producer: Annika Johansson
Creative & Production Company: Daughter Collective
Artist: SetMo
Label: Awal

The film explores addiction, validation & dependency. How tied to screens and devices we are and how staged a lot of our life can become to serve these devices. We’re missing the greater world right in front of our eyes but smashing the screen halfway through the video allows the 2 people to reconnect amongst the nature around them. The incorporation of the younger girls in the clip is to demonstrate the playful, curious and innocent nature we have as children before growing up and becoming more conditioned to behave in a certain way.

All I Need is a song about going out on your own and realizing that all you need is self belief. We can often be distracted by all the noise around us that it can feel suffocating and scary to go out and do new things and leave behind those things, people, habits etc that don’t serve us anymore.