James Squires

‘Rogue Tales’.

Uncovering the brand platform of James Squires ‘a man of many tastes’. Which aligned to the brand & product truths. James Squire the man was a convinct, and Australia’s first brewer.
A Rogue character of multiple sides.

So to bring that spirit to life we create a 6 part documentary series, that captures different present day Rogue character that have more than one unique sides. Align our values, with our audiences values.

The series was played online, in-broadcast & on our owned channels.

‘Rogue tales.
A man of many tastes production.’


Rogue Tales Episode 01 "Jesse Olsen"

Rogue Tales Episode 02 "Tim Kill"

Rogue Tales Episode 03 "Cliff Overton"

Rogue Tales Episode 04 "Fritz Schwarz"

Rogue Tales Episode 05 "Rhys Miller"

Rogue Tales Episode 06 "Wayne Saunders"